As a ceramicist I construct primarily with slab building technique. My piece are uniquely sophisticated and functional.

My glazing technique is layering color and washing off color glazes  the result is a rich unique effect adding to the complex stamped and carved patterning on the clay’s surface.


After 8 years of perfecting my craft of hand building containers, I decided to create a  collection of funerary urns based on several requests from long time clients.

My urns are organically full of life and created to represent  or reflect the individual  life, based on information provided to me by the family or friends   I believe I have a gift of compassion in my heart and finger tips to interpret that information to create unique works of art to hold love ones remains.

I will be introducing a collection of sizes and shapes for people and animal remains in the Fall of 2016.


My collections consist of are decorative, functional and finely crafted container, large planters, vases, orchid pots, and functional table top pieces.

My containers are available in various shapes and sizes limited to 28″ in height.

My tabletop pieces include decorative tissue box covers, napkin / letter holders, trays for food service or display,  candleholders, vases centerpieces for flowers and utensil holders or wine canisters.

My containers are available in various shapes and sizes limited to 28″ in height due to my kiln size.

Sizing varies staring at 4 “ x 4” herb or small plants, to large containers up to 15” x 15” square 12” in height. Vases can be 9”, 18” and 24“ and 28″ in height.

Custom sizes are available on request.

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Contact Information

Email: nanetteallen54@gmail.com

Phone: 847-682-4977

1645 North Fairfield Ave
Chicago, IL 60647

Production Time

Please expect a minimum of four, six or eight weeks depending on how elaborate the piece are allowing for production and delivery.

Shipping and packaging fees  are quoted on a per piece basis.

Shipping is not included in the piece price.



By Nanette Allen